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Skid Mounted Mechanical Systems
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Employment Opportunities

We appreciate the value of experienced, safe, hard-working, team-oriented, employees. Each skilled member of our organization plays a vital role in a successful outcome for our clients. We focus on working together to produce the best result. If you are interested in becoming part of a dynamic, driven company, please contact us; we are always looking for enthusiastic, focused employees who want to build a career in the trades. We are an equal opportunity employer and welcome diversity in our workplace.

We offer competitive salaries, benefits and opportunity for growth. Ongoing training is provided.

Our Values

  1. Employee, customer, pedestrian and property safety.
  2. Product quality.
  3. Team work.
    1. Plan
    2. Communicate
    3. Coordinate
    4. Cooperate
  4. Customer service.
  5. Productivity.
  6. Employee health, welfare and education.
  7. Maintaining completion schedules.
  8. Competitive pricing.
  9. Employee feedback.
  10. Honesty
  11. Integrity
  12. Accuracy


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Edgewater Park, NJ 08010
Ph: 609.699.6950
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